Youth Softball Coach Allegedly Clocks Chief Umpire

Credit: – A softball game at Middlebrook got a little rowdy when one of the coaches reportedly struck the game”s chief umpire on the jaw after being ejected.

As the two were leaving, police said that the chief umpire, who was clad in regular shorts and a t-shirt, advised the two to leave because they were allegedly swearing at the umpire who had ejected them. The coach’s wife allegedly “displayed her middle finger toward” the chief umpire, according to the report.

After that, the coach stepped up to the chief umpire, and yelled at him directly in his face, spraying spittle, according to report.

“As the chief umpire pushed him away, [the coach] punched him in the jaw,” the report says. A witness then called police.

The couple said that because of the chief umpire”s clothing, they had no idea who he was, according to the police report. The chief umpire did not report being injured. The married couple was charged with breach of peace and given a promise to appear in court, according to police. The coach has contributed to Patch as a freelancer.