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Default FED Case Book 7.4.1 Situation H

Looks like they forgot to remove a play from the case book.
Am I wrong?

7.4.1 Situation H: R1 is on third and R2 is on first. B3 hits foul fly ball near third baseline (a) with less than two outs or (b) with two outs. R1 interferes with F5 in his attempt to catch the ball. Ruling: The ball is dead immediately. In both (a) and (b), B3 is called out because of R1's interference. However, the umpire may rule the involved runner out if the interference prevented a double play. (7-4-1f)

Also the 2010 Baseball Rules by Topic page 165 IMO also is incorrect when it declares "if a runner interferes with a fielder who is attempting to field a foul fly ball, the batter is out (7-4-1f)"
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Default Re: FED Case Book 7.4.1 Situation H

You are correct. They also failed to correct the ruling in the Illustrated Book.

It usually takes a bout three years for all NFHS books to show major changes. Sometimes MUCH longer. (See accidential appeal).

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