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Default female Fans

I am mostly a youth umpire 16U and do some adult rec games. I was wondering for all you other youth umpires if you feel the same as me about female fans. The mothers at these games seem worse than the Dads. Not only are they constantly nagging you, but half the time they don't even know what they're nagging about. Its not that their comments are more harsh than the dad's but they are complaining all the time about a game they don't even half understand. How do you huys shut them up with out looking like a total D**K. I don't like to toss people, and I am afraid to toss a mom b/c of what I, surely going to hear afterwards. "What you can't handle a woman complaining?!" How do you guys keep them quiet? Also does anybody else feel the same as me about females being worse than males?



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