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Default Commonly used acronyms

Here is a list of acronyms and abbreviations commonly used on this site. It is not "official" and anyone should feel free to offer additions or corrections with reply posts below. I will insert suggested additions and delete the post.

Specific terms used only on this website's forums

amunaish - A new poster who asks a reasonable question then proceeds to disagree and argue with all the answers he gets.

General Internet acronyms

BTW – By the way
FWIW – For what it’s worth
HTBT – Had to be there
IMHO – In my humble opinion
IMO – In my opinion
LOL - Laughing Out Loud
OMG – Oh my god!
OP or O/P– Original post
OTOH - On the other hand
NFG - No Freakin' Good
PM - Private message
POV - Point of view
WOBW - waste of band width
YGTBSM – You've got to be shittin' me!
YMMV – Your mileage may vary

Umpire related acronyms

1BC - First Base coach
1BLE or 1BLX – First base line extended
2M, 3M, 4M, or 6M – a 2, 3, 4, or 6 man crew (respectively)
3BC - Third Base coach

3BLE or 3BLX - Third base line extended
"A", "B", "C" - The A, B, or C position (respectively)
AC - Assistant Coach
AD - Athletic Director
B1 – Lead-off batter of the game or inning in the 1st batting slot
B2, B3 . . . – 2nd batter, 3rd batter . . .
BI – Batter’s interference
BC - Base coach
BOO or BOOO - Batting Out of Order
BR – Batter-runner
BRB - Babe Ruth Baseball, Inc.
BRD - Baseball Rule Differences, by Carl Childress
BU - Base umpire (typically for a 2-man crew)
BW - Balk warning
CDP – Cooperstown Dream Park
CF – centerfield or centerfielder
CI – Catcher’s interference
C/NC - Catch / No-catch call
CP – Chest protector
CW – Crew Chief
CYA - Something you should always do
DB – Dead ball
DBT - Dead ball territory
DDB – delayed dead ball
DHC – Defensive head coach
Dish – Home plate
DK3 - Dropped third strike
DM – Defensive manager
EJ - Eject, or ejection

F1 - Pitcher
F2 – Catcher
F3 – First baseman
F4 – Second baseman
F5 – Third baseman
F6 – Shortstop
F7 – Left fielder
F8 – Center fielder
F9 – Right fielder
F10 – Left out

F/F - Fair / foul call
FED – Federation Rules (High School) aka NFHS
FO - Force out
FYC - Something you should never do
HC - Head coach
HHC – Home head coach
HM - Home manager
HOK - Hands on knees
HP – Home plate
HPU – Home Plate umpire, aka U4 & PU
HSM - Hockey Style Mask
HT - Home team
HWUS - The Harry Wendelstedt School for Umpires, aka Harry's
IDFB - Intentionally dropped fly ball
IFF - Infield fly
IFR – Infield fly rule
IIITBTSB - well, you know
Indy – a professional independent baseball league
INT - Interference
JEA – Jim Evans Annotated rules manual,
JEAPU - Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpiring, aka Jimmy's
JR or J/R - Jaksa/Roder Rules Interpretation manual
K3 - Strike three
KZ - Strike zone
LB - Live ball
LBT - Live Ball Territory
LF – left field or left fielder
LLB - Little League Baseball, Inc.
MC - Malicious Contact
MiLB – Minor League Baseball
MLB – Major League Baseball
MLBUM – MLB umpire’s manual
NFHS – National Federation of High Schools, aka FED (High school rules)
OBR – Official Baseball Rules, aka PRO rules
OBS – Obstruction
OHC – Offensive head coach
OF – outfield or outfielder
OM – Offensive manager
OOO – Overly officious official
OOP – Out of play
PBUC - The Professional Baseball Umpire Corp.
PPUPPPPfP&M - Proper, Preemptive umpiring prevents Piss Poor People from Pissing and Moaning! - by cajunyankee
PU – Home plate umpire, aka U4 & HPU
RISP - Runner(s) in scoring position
RF – right field or right fielder
S1, S2, ... S9 – Substitute for B1, B2, ... B9
SB – softball
Sitch – Situation
SUL - Super Ultra Light mask
TD - Tournament Director
TOP – Time of pitch
TOT – Time of throw
TUS - The Umpire School, PBUC's new professional umpire traing program.
U1, U2, U3 – 1B, 2B, 3B base umpire (respectively)
U4 – Home plate umpire, aka PU & HPU
UIC – Umpire-in-Chief
UL - Ultra Light mask
VHC - Visitor's head coach
VM - Visitor's manager
VR - Video review or video replay
VT - Visiting team

Runners on base for OBR

R1 - Base runner at 1B at the TOP
R2 - Base runner at 2B at the TOP
R3 - Base runner at 3B at the TOP

Runners on base for FED

R1 - Base runner closest to HP at the TOP on any base
R2 - Base runner who is behind R1, on 1B or 2B at the TOP
R3 - Base runner at 1B at the TOP when bases are loaded
[Doesn’t this method suck? -RBS]

Traditional baseball abbreviations

AB - Time at Bat
AVG - Batting Average
BB - Walks (Bases on Balls)
BK - Balk
CG - Complete Game
CS - Caught Stealing
DO or DB – Double (2 base hit)
DP - Double Play
E - Error
ER - Earned Run
ERA - Earned Run Average
GP - Games Played
GP - Games Played
GSH or GSHR - Grand Slam Home Run
H - Hit
HP or HBP - Hit by Pitch
HR - Home Run
IBB - Intentional Walk
K - Strikeout
LOB – Runner(s) Left on Base
OBP - On-Base Percentage
PB - Passed Ball
PK - Pickoff
PO - Putout
R or RS - Runs Scored
RBI - Runs Batted In
SB - Stolen Base
SB - Stolen Base
SF - Sacrifice Fly
SH - Sacrifice Hit (Bunt)
SLG - Slugging Percentage
SO - Strikeout
TP - Triple Play
TR – Triple (3 base hit)
WP - Wild Pitch
Thanks to all those who have contributed to this post, and to those who will continue to contribute.

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