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Default Sarcasm ~ worse than the ""F" Bomb

I had an EJ tonight that's almost embarrasing to describe (as it was just a JV game.) In hindsight, I should have put this guy in the dugout, but he was the only capable coach, and I just let him off the hook too many times. They called in the Asst. Varsity Coach to finish the game.

This coach (and many others) seem to think that unless you say some of the magic words, you shouldn't get ejected or confined. That's bullshit.

This guy (3B coach at the time) argued over a play at the plate. Throw was to the catcher from right field. Ball beat the foot sliding into the catcher ... coach wanted an OBS call on an "imminent tag play."

Ref FED Casebook 8.3.2 Situation C describes this almost to a "T".

Sad part is, both fielders and the runner did everything right. It was just a great play ... perfectly executed ... and anything but a perfect throw would not have gotten him.

This guy thought that trying to trip me up on the wording of the OBS rules would be his way out. He would ask me a question, then before I had two words out of my mouth he'd turn around, say something sarcastic and walk away ... three times. Told me how I needed to brush up and that I evidently slept through the rules meeting.

After the third time, I told him I've had enough of the sarcasm, and if he asks a question, he better let me answer it or he's gone ... I don't care that it's only JV. After he finally went back to his box, I started to get the game going and he called time again. I actually thought he wanted to talk to his batter. He came up to me and said,

"So let me get this straight ... next time I have that play, you're saying you want me to have my player take out the catcher, right?"

That was it ... I tossed him. You won't find this in any rule book, casebook, or mechanics book, but sarcasm is the most disrespectful and demeaning thing we can choose to put up with or not to put up with. It dishonors the game, not just the umpire. (After all, I signed up for the trip.) I encourage more of you Honorable Blues to go easier on the swearing (as long as it's not loud) and the anger and be tougher on the sarcasm.
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