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05-19-2005, 12:12 AM
Only had 3 ejections this year in HS ball. I guess after tossing 7 in one game last year in fall league, 3 seems almost trivial....

One fan.....screaming, straining at the backstop fence, spitting, snarling, disrupting the game, called me and partner everything but live, breathing heterosexual males, threatened us both physically, inciting the fans-- escorted out by game security..

one catcher.... on and off four innings asking, "where was that? Was that high/low?. warned him, then he comes to the plate and LQQKs 8O at three beachballs right down the tube he shoulda hit into the next county, :roll: then slams his bat down, asks "where was THAT pitch"? Sent him to the house.... :P

one infielder..... home team ties the score in bottom of 5th, 2nd baseman starts screaming at his own team. " WTF???? WTF????" 8O . Hear him over the crowd noise. End of play called time, eject him for unsportmanlike conduct (FED rules). He really goes bannanas then. Throws his glove off, charges me 8O screams "what did I say"? Tell him "You know what you said, Bud!".
So just as he gets to me, he screams " Hey F*** You man! :lol:
Send him to the house for 2 game state suspension. :P
Coach thanks me after the game. Offers to buy me a steak dinner for shutting up his "problem child"... :?
Player coach subs for him, 10 times the ball player Mr Big Mouth is.....
(Uhhhh coach, what's wrong with THIS picture....?)

05-19-2005, 04:09 PM
infielder....could be his own son.


06-10-2005, 09:07 AM
infielder....could be his own son.


No, wasn't his son....Turns out, this kids father was sitting behind HP giving partner a hard time, as well, the entire game.

Partner thanked me. Said BOTH problems left the game after I tossed Jr.....

Turns out, I drew this same team two weeks later. No prob, new day, new game, no hard feelings, forgotten(per se) incident.

Coach, even brings it up, tells me at HP meeting that the problem child received an additional suspension from the school's AD which ultimately resulted in the player leaving the team.

Don't you just love when mean ol' Blue has to do the coaches job anyway??

ya gotta love this game!!