View Full Version : A Scotsman and baseball...

02-04-2004, 05:46 AM
A Scotsman was visiting America for the first time and decided to see what "America's Favorite Passtime" was all about. He settles himself into a seat along the first base line as the game's lead-off batter comes to the plate. The batter swings at the first pitch offered, yielding a base hit. The crowd leaps to its feet and screams, "Run! Run!"

Not really sure of what is happening, the Scotsman leaps to his feet, as well, and chimes in, "Rrrun, Laddie! Rrrun"

With the lead-off man at first, the number two batter comes to the plate and connects with his first pitch for another base hit. The crowd jumps up, hollering, "Run! Run!"

Likewise, not wanting to be left out, the Scotsman stands and yells, "Rrrun, Laddie! Rrrun!"

Runners at first and third now, the number 3 man comes to the plate. The pitcher, feeling a little gun-shy now, tries to nibble the strike zone. Four outside pitches later, the number three man gets a base-on-balls pass.

As he starts toward first, the Scotsman leaps up once more and yells, "Rrrun, Laddie! Rrrun!" Seeing that no one else has joined him, he sits down slightly bewildered and embarrassed.

Noticing his discomfort, a fan behind him taps him on the shoulder and explains, "He's got four balls. He can walk to first."

His chest swelling in admiration, the Scotsman rises and yells with enthusiasm, "Walk wi' prrride, Laddie! Walk wi' prrride!"