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06-29-2011, 11:06 PM
LL, u10c (stealing, leading off, dropped 3rd strike, etc.)

1 out, runners 1st and 3rd

Passed pitched ball. Runner coming home, batter freezes in box, catcher throws ball to pitcher and ball hits batter. Batter never moved and did not try to get in the way nor did he try to get out of the way.

Called runner out for batter interference

Coach commented that the batter did not have to move out of the way as long as he stayed in the batter's box and did not intentionally interfere with the play. I explained the defense had a right to make the play and the batter interfered with that.

After looking at the book LL (2011). It would appear the coach was refering to rule 6.06(c) which I would apply to a catcher making a throw from home to catch a runner stealing. In which case as long as the batter does not move to distract or interfere and is in the box, the catcher will have to throw around the batter.

Rule 7.11 (LL, 2011) would seem to apply for the interference on the batter which covers vacating an area so a fielder can field a thrown ball.

Am I missing something?


mt 73
06-30-2011, 04:07 AM
On a passed ball the batter must vacate the box on a play or suffer the consequences.
You made the right call.

LL, u10c (stealing, leading off, dropped 3rd strike, etc.)
Are you sure these apply on a 60 foot diamond?
With 10U?

06-30-2011, 09:40 AM
Under normal circumstances the answer would be no. When I called in Northern CA (nearly 10 years ago, just now getting back into umpiring) we were still using the old red flag for leaving early. But here (SW MO) the league has modified their rules for the competitive 10's and 12's. The rec 10's are not allowed to steal home on a passed ball to catcher and a drop 3rd strike is an out no matter what, but they can lead off and steal 2b and 3b. They can also steal home on a bad throw back to the pitcher or if the catcher makes a throw to another base. Can make for some interesting ball at times.

BTW, the coach was very professional when he questioned me on the call. We also talked after the game. That is why I am on the forum, I want to make sure I did not kick this one. Could really be a big deal in a close game.

Plus, had another game where folks were complaining about the batter not clearing out so catcher could throw down to third on a steal. In this case I apply rule 6.06(c) which I feel is appropriate so, if the batter actually trys to get in the way I would call interference if the ball is thrown.

06-30-2011, 10:18 AM
I have read both post and i agree with how you handled the situations. that is great that you are not afraid to ask the question's. keep it up. Good job.