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Six Degrees of Seperation

Handling Situations for Aspiring Young Umpires

High School Rules Tes#1
High School Test Answer Key #1

High School Rules Test #2
High School Test Answer Key #2

High School Rules Test #3
by Kyle McNeeley
High School Test Answer Key #3

National Spit-Tobacco Survey.

ABUA - Working the Plate

Honig's ABUA Special

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PAST ABUA Rules Tests
High School/Federation
2004 Rules Test
2004 Answer Key
2002 NCAA Baseball Rules Test
Here's an answer form (adobe format)
Answer Key
High School/Federation
2002 Rules Test
2002 Answer Key


Links to ABUA Webcast Instructional Videos

Introduction: Ted Breidenthal
Base Work in a Two Man System: Bill Davis
Working the Plate: Dick Runchey
Three Man Mechanics: Joe Burleson
Qualities of a Good Umpire: Jon Bible
High School Rules and Issues: Kyle McNeely
Teaching Techniques: Terry Barmann